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So August 10th I finalized interviews with, and had a verbal offer extended to me from Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu Services, which I’ll refer to as Deloitte for simplicity sake from here on out.  I’ve since accepted the offer and will be relocating (back) to Nashville.  This chapter in our lives comes to a close here in Alabama as we move back home.  Thanks to all our friends we’ve made while we were here, we’ll miss you.

I will continue to be an SCCM Engineer but for a global data center (well larger globally than what I’ve done in the past).  Everything is a step forward, with minimal lateral movement thanks to Kinder Morgan stripping every perk away from my job once buying out El Paso.  I’m extremely excited about this new opportunity and will begin employment on Sept 10th.  We are gladly accepting any help moving if anyone is interested in providing it once everything here sells.

That’s about all I feel comfortable posting on my blog, if you are a close friend or relation and have any more questions, you have my phone number.