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For those of you who know me know, I was promoted to a new position within my company about a year and a half ago give or take a few months. I’m now a systems management and engineer for my company. With that position came the rollout of SCCM and its plunged me into an entirely different world inside the IT sector. I do a bit of everything, while still remaining highly specialized around Microsoft’s System Center Configuration Manager (sccm).

Anyway, one of the main industry culture groups I’ve become acquainted with (myitforum) houses a pretty nice collection of us from around the globe. Recently as I was perusing some of the mailing lists I found one of the Microsoft SCCM mvps lives in my same home town. Now, lets pause here a second.

1) SCCM work is very specialized and the community is small.

2) SCCM utilization allows for small teams to manage thousands of pcs fairly effectively.

3) Again, there are few of us, and even fewer still are mvps.

So I of course reached out to him and we have spent a fair amount of time talking shop, work history, industry, war stories, etc. This is something I believe a lot of people take for granted in their respective fields. We finally met together tonight in person and hashed it out for about 4+ hours before finally forcing a break.

It’s amazing the way people are brought into your life and often fill a void you didn’t fully realize was there. For a nerd like me, having someone I can truly sit and talk interests with is an incredible blessing.

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  1. I bet it is! ‘Cause I don’t have a clue what you’re talking about most the time. 🙂 God knows what we needs and in His time and according to His will, gives it to us!

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