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I’m going to make this a very short post, but in a nut shell, sum up my thoughts and primary concern with the chief issue in this upcoming generation right now.


This isn’t a new issue with gaming.  This has been an issue that the PC gaming scene has largely dealt with, going back as far as requiring the CD in drive to play a game.  However I’m not here for a history lesson, but to address a very serious concern I have with Sony not playing ball on this restrictive model.

Publishers (a.k.a. Satan) view any and all content resale as a direct impact on sales revenue.  With this in mind, the Xbox ONE would appear to be a more preferable platform for developers/publishers.  So my concern is the loss of certain publisher support for the Playstation platform as a whole.

However, my 2 cents.  I don’t care because most of my gaming is done on a PC where I’m already happily a slave (in large part) to this no resale business model (THANKS STEAM FOR MAKING IT SO EASY! <3) .  I (speaking out of the other side of my mouth now) can’t support this business model and will not be contributing money towards it, eventhough 9/10 of my video game purchases are retail.  Perhaps Microsoft will work things out in similar fashion as valve so the consumers see a return through game price drops and crazy summer sales, but from what I’m reading, that doesn’t seem likely.