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Tag Archives: growing older

I’ve always been a bit of an older person at heart.  I never really wanted to be the age I was, but older.  Even as I passed what most people consider the milestone ages; 16, 18, 21, I just wanted to be over 30.  Now I’m not saying 30 is old, quite the opposite these days, it tends to be when most individuals in our country begin to hit their stride.

What’s humorous to me now about the pending 30 is that, I’m not really sure why I ever cared?  My age since 25 (lower insurance premiums, yes) has been a number, and of no value to me.  The thing I see now, in looking back, is God’s grace in getting me here.  I can’t boast in anything I’ve done, I am merely a vessel.  With that, I can’t help but approach this milestone age with some regret that it took me over 26 years to find what I have now, not what I’ve established materially, but spiritually.  I’ve an eternal legacy that’s been building now for 4 years.  That’s infinitely more exciting to me than my born on date passing a 30 year mark. 

To so many people that sounds so foreign and I’m sure a little nuts.  If you are one of those people, I ask you this: What’s your legacy look like?  Surely you feel that desire to be, more?  Why is that?