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To all things God gets the glory.  This is something of a doctrinal mantra, but is it something you believe?

We know that God is faithful according to Scripture.  Having on a multitude of occasions fulfilled his promises to his elect.  Not necessarily in their lifetimes, but certainly fulfilled.

So what do these two things tell us about God’s character, and what it should mean to his elect?

Its never too late, and nothing is impossible. 

God is most glorified when we are most incapable of receiving glory.  That is what is meant when it is said “my power is made perfect in your weakness” when we are removed, and God is the only one to receive the due credit, he will be most glorified.

So take heart, that when you are broken, and all appears lost  There is God, and in him there is our hope. 

So then what does his faithfulness have to do with that? 

Well he has promised that all good to those who love him and are called according to His purpose for His glory.  If you are His, and in you is His glory, and that glory is in your good; how can you lose?

I don’t say that from a prosperity stand point, but from a point of faith and promise.  In the vastness that is God’s grace and mercy, we find even more to love him for.

In our brokenness we find his Glory, and like everything he does, it’s a beautiful reversal.