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Are you a problem solver, or are you a button pusher?

When you are faced with something new, and well, problematic.  Do you marvel at it’s complexity, or do you look for the first point of attack?  Do you fret about all the damage this new issue has wrought, or do you relish in the new lessons you will learn?

There are issues around you everyday.  Some more obvious than others, but they always lie, under the surface of everyday life.  Steady course often works well to suppress these cataclysmic eruptions, but not always.  Perhaps the steady course with no correction gave these problems the added pressure to reach their boiling point.

At the end of the day it’s worth every bit of your (current and future) sanity and those around you to take time and evaluate things.  I don’t care if it’s technical, spiritual, emotional, physical, or other.  The bottom line is, change is always possible, and solutions do exist to problems.

Stop pressing the same buttons over and over again and start thinking critically.



  1. Uhm, technical…definitely find first point of contact (you). The other stuff…hopefully face it head on but maybe it depends on the situation.

  2. Respect!

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