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A simple vbscript I use for manual client installation. It does some basic quick checks and fixes before begining an install. One could feasibly use this for health checking, but it’s not nearly as robust as my actual logon framework or other scripts from people like Jason Sandys or Dan Thompson.

The variables strAdmin (local admin service account), strCcmSetup (path to folder with the ccmsetup.exe), and strArguement (install string) need to be defined before running the script. It’s worth mentioning that strCcmSetup is just the path to ccmsetup.exe, there is no need to actually type ccmsetup.exe into the path and it’s best if you don’t since I didn’t bother writing anything in to verify if it is or isn’t. The script will auto append the executable to that variable so ccmsetup.exe in the path will give you ccmsetup.execcmsetup.exe

'Author Daniel Belcher             ||
'CCMsetup Function                 ||
'Date 2/11/2011 rev 5/20/2011      ||
'|Objects, Variables, and Constants ********************************************
'|| Non-Standard Installer Variables - Please define them                     ||
'|| Admin Account
	strAdmin = "domain\user"
'|| Path to ccmsetup.exe
	strCcmSetup = "\\path\where\ccmsetup.exe\resides\"
'|| Install string
	strArguement = "/noservice SMSSITECODE=ABC SMSSLP=SERVER.ADDRESS " _
'                                                                             ||
Const DEBUGMSG = False 'Boolean to use for testing False = Silent True = Verbose
Const ForAppending = 8
Dim oWShell
Set oWShell = CreateObject("WScript.Shell")
Dim oFSo
Set oFSO = CreateObject("Scripting.FileSystemObject")
Dim oNet
Set oNet = CreateObject("Wscript.Network")
ComputerName = oNet.ComputerName
Dim Target
Target = "."
Dim oWMISvc
Set oWMISvc = GetObject("winmgmts:\\"&Target)
'|Main Run *******************************************************************||
WriteLog "Starting "&Wscript.Scriptname&" on "&ComputerName,2
'SubRoutines *****************************************************************||
Sub WriteLog(msg,mtype)
'Subroutine for writing the log
logname = wscript.scriptname&".log"
if not oFSo.FileExists(logname) then
end if

msgline = "<![LOG["&msg&"]LOG]!><time="&""""&DatePart("h",Time)
msgline = msgline &":"&DatePart("n",Time)&":"&DatePart("s",Time)
msgline = msgline &".000+0"""&" date="""&Replace(Date,"/","-")
msgline = msgline &""""&" component="""&WScript.ScriptName
msgline = msgline &""" context="""" type="""&mtype
msgline = msgline &""" thread="""" file="""&WScript.ScriptName& """>"

Set oLogFile = oFSo.OpenTextFile(logname, ForAppending, True)
    oLogFile.WriteLine msgline
if DEBUGMSG then wscript.echo msg&" "& mtype
End Sub
Sub SvcStart(service)
'Attempts to start a service
Set WMIServices = oWMISvc.ExecQuery _
("Select * from Win32_Service where name = '"&service&"'")
     For Each item in WMIServices
         if lcase(item.startmode) <> "automatic" then
         end if
         start = item.startservice()
         wscript.sleep 4000
           if start <> 0 Then
                   WriteLog "ERROR: Failed to start the "&service&" Service, " _
                   & "investigation required", 3
                    WriteLog "Succesfully started "& service &" Service",1
           end if
End Sub
'|Functions ******************************************************************||
Function PreReq
'Prerequisite check for client installation
Set WMIServices = oWMISvc.ExecQuery _
("Select * from Win32_Service")
strService = "lanmanworkstation"
regAdminSPath = "HKLM\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\services\LanmanServer\" _
				& "Parameters\"
 For Each item in WMIServices
          if lcase( = strService then
             if lcase(item.state) <> "running" then
                writelog "Warning: "&strService&" was not running, " _
                & "attempting to start...", 2
                SvcStart strService
                 writelog strService& " was found running, OK", 1
             end if
          end if
if not oFSO.FolderExists("\\"&computername&"\admin$") then
WriteLog "Warning: Admin shares not available, attempting to add " _
		& "registry key...", 2
    On Error Resume Next
oWShell.RegWrite regAdminSPath & "AutoShareWKS", 1, "REG_SZ"
              if err.Number <> 0 then
WriteLog "ERROR: "&regAdminSPath&"AutoShareWKS, 1 failed to write, or " _
		&"already exists.", 3
WriteLog regAdminSPath&"Notice: AutoShareWKS, 1 written succesfully. " _
					& " Restart required to take effect.", 2
              end if
Wscript.Echo "AutoShareWKS key was written to: " &vbcrlf _
          &regAdminSPath & vbcrlf _
          &"Please restart the machine, and rerun this script"
WriteLog "Admin$ shares found, and working.", 1
end if
Set AdminCheck = GetObject("WinNT://" & oNet.ComputerName _
							& "/Administrators,group")
if AdminCheck.IsMember("WinNT://"& strAdmin) then
WriteLog "User "&strAdmin&" found in Local Adminstrators group", 1
WriteLog "Warning: User "&strAdmin&" not found in Local Administrators group",2
        on Error Resume Next
        if Err.Number <> 0 then
WriteLog "ERROR: Unable to add "&strAdmin&" to the Local Administrators group",3
           Wscript.Echo "Unable to add "&strAdmin&" to local Admins." & vbcrlf _
           &"Please do so manually and rerun this script."
        end if
end if

End Function
Function CCMSetup
'Client detection and installation
Set WMIServices = oWMIsvc.ExecQuery _
("Select * from Win32_Service where name ='ccmexec'")
boorun = true
   for each objservice in WMIServices
       strservice = lcase(
           if strservice = "ccmexec" then boorun = "False"
if not boorun then
For Each service in WMIServices
  if lcase(service.state) <> "running" then
     svcStart "ccmexec" 'Attempt to start service if stopped
WriteLog "Warning: CcmExec service found, but was not running, " _
		& "attempting to start...", 2
  end if
WriteLog "SCCM client service, CcmExec found, closing script", 1
	exit function
end if
if boorun then strCcmsetup&"ccmsetup.exe " & strArguement
        WriteLog "CcmSetup has begun using: ccmsetup.exe"& strArguement,1
end if

End Function
Function Report
 If DEBUGMSG then msgbox "Complete" 'Set for popup on script complete
End Function
'End *************************************************************************||

As has become my standard, the logs are written in a markup that works with trace32.

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