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I had thought to have more time to blog and post things of interest now that the holidays had passed and the core portion of my logon framework was completed but something(s) unexpected happened.  We arrived home and decided to go out to eat dinner when my wife received a phone call that her closest cousin’s 7 month old son had died suddenly at the sitters.  This passing was followed by the news of 3 others close to me; 1 co worker and 2 old family friends.

There is hope in their passing that I will see them all again.  With that I find peace, but continue to pray for their loved ones and those who feel the immediate loss in their life.  One of my favorite analogies of death is that, it’s like losing an arm.  Things will never be the same, but eventually you learn to live without it. 

To those learning how to live again, my heart goes out to you, sincerely.

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