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So I’ve been waiting for Brink to release for some time now.  Both my brother and I had it on pre-order and were ready to go day of release.  The day came, we grabbed it, installed it, then went to play it online together…

Now, I’ve read a lot of what people have been saying about this game and I have to agree, it fell flat, now we found a few games last night where he and I got to really throw down and have a blast, but the responsiveness was barely tolerable.  Anyone who remembers the old quake days before QWC and client detection, it was like that.

Visually the game looks great, well, most of the time.  I am still having anomalies with texture and mapping loads.  I’ve also had some bizarre issues of not being able to connect to my own game server…. yea, go figure that one out.

Overall the customization, and the play mechanics, I actually enjoy.  The slide tackling, and melee knockdowns.  The parkour (although at first rough) has really proven itself as a great new play style option.  However, if this multiplayer synching issue doesn’t get solved, I don’t think I’m going to see my money’s worth out of this title.

(Just spoke with my brother, he’s been on playing all morning, he told me that it appears to be running smooth today.)

So I’ll follow up on this, perhaps all is not lost!

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