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For those who’s fathers were not involved in their lives. There comes a burden that is left, a sense of abandonment that has long lasting impact to your sense of self worth.

Your worth is not determined by the subjective view of others, but rather the value ascribed to you through grace.

The absence of that man from your life is not a sign of your faults, but rather their own faults. Do not allow that to define you, but rather to inspire you to be more engaged in the lives of others, understanding full well the impact that negligence and selfishness has on another persons life.  Remain cautious to not place your self worth in what you do or what you wear or who you know, for all things can and will fail; making them a precarious foundation that you will have built for yourself.  For me as a believer, that significance is found in Christ; but for those who will  and will not believe I say to you:

Persevere through your failings and setbacks, knowing that so long as there is breath in your lungs, you have the ability to be a positive force in this life.


  1. Amen Bro, spoke to me here. Thanks for the encouraging and healing words.

  2. Glad they could bring you comfort Nag. You’re the sum of your actions, rather than the actions of others. Similarly I say your actions, as they speak infinitely louder than words. Words cost nothing and can be thrown around indiscriminately, but time spent with someone or something predicates it’s importance to the persons involved. These were lessons that took time for me to not only learn, but accept; and when I could it was freeing. Similarly I found strength in my pain, as I saw through perseverance and struggle something much greater had developed and, fortunately for me, molded me into something I could be proud of rather than ashamed.

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