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To my beautiful daughters Maggie and Alana,

Being a woman takes an amazing amount of courage, faith, and unimaginable patience and love.  It takes courage to trust in yourself when others say you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, or strong enough.  My daughters, you are beautiful not because of your figure, or your face, but by the sum of your total character.  Know this, believe this, and be yourself.

You do not need a man to define you.  Your value is not determined by who you are with, but who you are, and by what you do.  Never compromise yourself by what you think you should be, but rather stay true to what you know to be right and carry on.  Failures will come, but it does not mean you are a failure.  Play to your strengths and accept your shortcomings, but don’t let those shortcomings define who you are.  When it comes to men, sex does not say I love you.  Any man who tells you that does not love you, but values you for only for what you can do for him; not for who you are.  When you find the right man, he will desire you, but will not pressure you.  He will seek your heart, not your body.  The difference for you will be hard to tell because you will already be seeking his heart, but if you did not give him your body and he goes; though it will hurt, your answer will be clear.

When that man comes, and he asks for your hand; we will know that you’re making the right choice.  Work to build him up, trust him with your heart and your body.  He may be the head of the household; but you will be the heart of the family, that which brings it to life.  If you are ever in doubt of what a good wife looks like, look to your mother.

Never be afraid to chase your dreams, but don’t idly dream.  Success comes to those who do, rather than those who wait.  Do not compromise yourself for your dreams however; and do not let anyone tell you your dream is too grand or too boring.  If your dream is to be a stay at home mother, or the president; then work for it.  Do not let society tell you what you can or cannot be because of your gender.

As for you as it is for your brothers, I pray you will be obedient to Christ.  Doing what you are called to do in faith; but I will love you anyway my precious baby girls.

– Your Dad

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