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Some of you are aware, and have already done so much to help my daughter.  To you I say thank you; seriously.  Thank you so much; and believe me when I say those words are inadequate to convey my appreciation for your giving heart.



What are you talking about?

For others who are unaware, or who have intended to help, but haven’t yet.  You can visit the donation site we’ve put together for our little Mooz here.

Cliff notes version:

Our daughter has Cerebral Palsy.  A disorder caused by brain damage she suffered in utero, through birth trauma, or both.  For her, it’s a limitation to a large portion of her fine and gross motor ability; but cognitively she’s sharp as a knife.

We’ve found a place in Canada, it is world renowned for it’s ability to enable people with these sorts of disabilities to do far more than was ever originally expected of them.  We’ve been once, Maggie showed AMAZING progress, and we’d like to go again.

That is where we see the problem.  Financially we are not able to afford another visit without contributions from caring souls such as yourself.  Each visit costs us between 11,000 and 15,000 depending on living accommodations we can arrange during our stay.  Thanks to the generosity of those mentioned above; we are already at/near the 50% mark for our next visit in March.

I implore you, please consider, thoughtfully, prayerfully if you are able to help us.

Thank you.

Maggie In Motion

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