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Anything that is a product of my husbandry, fatherhood, sonship, and brotherhood.


To my beautiful daughters Maggie and Alana,

Being a woman takes an amazing amount of courage, faith, and unimaginable patience and love.  It takes courage to trust in yourself when others say you aren’t good enough, pretty enough, or strong enough.  My daughters, you are beautiful not because of your figure, or your face, but by the sum of your total character.  Know this, believe this, and be yourself.

You do not need a man to define you.  Your value is not determined by who you are with, but who you are, and by what you do.  Never compromise yourself by what you think you should be, but rather stay true to what you know to be right and carry on.  Failures will come, but it does not mean you are a failure.  Play to your strengths and accept your shortcomings, but don’t let those shortcomings define who you are.  When it comes to men, sex does not say I love you.  Any man who tells you that does not love you, but values you for only for what you can do for him; not for who you are.  When you find the right man, he will desire you, but will not pressure you.  He will seek your heart, not your body.  The difference for you will be hard to tell because you will already be seeking his heart, but if you did not give him your body and he goes; though it will hurt, your answer will be clear.

When that man comes, and he asks for your hand; we will know that you’re making the right choice.  Work to build him up, trust him with your heart and your body.  He may be the head of the household; but you will be the heart of the family, that which brings it to life.  If you are ever in doubt of what a good wife looks like, look to your mother.

Never be afraid to chase your dreams, but don’t idly dream.  Success comes to those who do, rather than those who wait.  Do not compromise yourself for your dreams however; and do not let anyone tell you your dream is too grand or too boring.  If your dream is to be a stay at home mother, or the president; then work for it.  Do not let society tell you what you can or cannot be because of your gender.

As for you as it is for your brothers, I pray you will be obedient to Christ.  Doing what you are called to do in faith; but I will love you anyway my precious baby girls.

– Your Dad

The gospel is the belief that the creator God, sent his son Jesus, to be a sacrifice for our sins; so that we could be with him forever.  The wages of sin is death (Romans 6:23), and Jesus paid that price for us, in obedience to God the father (Mathew 26:39) so whoever believes in him shall not perish but have everlasting life (John 3:16).  This belief brings the forgiveness of our past transgressions, and the removal of condemnation of our sin before God.

That means every lustful thought, spit in his face.  Every hateful thought towards our fellow man, a Roman scourge to his back. Every lie, great or small that crosses our lips, a crown of thorns on his head.  Every self serving and self glorifying action or thought, our cry to “CRUCIFY HIM”.

His reply; “father, forgive them, for they know not what they do.” (Luke 23:34)

That’s the gospel. and for that reason, I am not ashamed of the gospel, for it is the power of God for salvation to everyone who believes, to the Jew first and also to the Greek. (Romans 1:16)

I wanted to say thank you to everyone who donated, attended trivia night, prayed for us, sent positive thoughts our way, or however you found a way to support us in this effort.  We have raised enough to make it back to Toronto for another month of therapy; but we do plan on going back, and thanks to the generosity of so many, we are already well on our way towards that financial goal as well.

So thank you. Thank you so much.  We have one last push, called 7 on the 7th.  Where everyone who feels the need to help can donate 7 dollars on the 7th towards her continued therapy.  You can find details on the Maggie in Motion website.

Again, thank you.


Some of you are aware, and have already done so much to help my daughter.  To you I say thank you; seriously.  Thank you so much; and believe me when I say those words are inadequate to convey my appreciation for your giving heart.



What are you talking about?

For others who are unaware, or who have intended to help, but haven’t yet.  You can visit the donation site we’ve put together for our little Mooz here.

Cliff notes version:

Our daughter has Cerebral Palsy.  A disorder caused by brain damage she suffered in utero, through birth trauma, or both.  For her, it’s a limitation to a large portion of her fine and gross motor ability; but cognitively she’s sharp as a knife.

We’ve found a place in Canada, it is world renowned for it’s ability to enable people with these sorts of disabilities to do far more than was ever originally expected of them.  We’ve been once, Maggie showed AMAZING progress, and we’d like to go again.

That is where we see the problem.  Financially we are not able to afford another visit without contributions from caring souls such as yourself.  Each visit costs us between 11,000 and 15,000 depending on living accommodations we can arrange during our stay.  Thanks to the generosity of those mentioned above; we are already at/near the 50% mark for our next visit in March.

I implore you, please consider, thoughtfully, prayerfully if you are able to help us.

Thank you.

Maggie In Motion

I’m on a cut diet, so that means limited condiments.

Limited condiments means I start using tons of hot sauce again.

Tons of hot sauce means I get into a weirdly passionate state of being towards different hot sauces.

Right now, Sriracha.

I’ve got a few technical posts I want to get written up as soon as I can find some time. Until then, remember, “it’s only after we’ve lost everything that we are free to do anything” lol.

On the very early morning of December 27th 2007, my wife became more than herself.  She became a mother.

She worked, and toiled to do everything she could to ensure that this new life dependent on her had everything he needed.  Her self interest and importance became a secondary drive towards that of the new calling she found in Will.  Even leaving her job to become a stay at home mom to care for this new addition to our family.

Then again, on a very early morning of Sept 7th 2010, my wife moved forward to become a mother to yet another child.  Our sweet little baby girl Maggie.  Our daughter however had special needs; and my wife, the mother, heeded the heightened call and began working continually with her to try and better her.  Reaching to a place in her heart, and physical being to produce an endurance that surpasses my understanding.  To show interest to our son, to let him know that he too is loved, and that his little sister was a joy, not a burden to take his mommy from him.

When we thought we could take no more, that our line was running short; this beautiful woman found she was pregnant with our next child.  Born Sept 17th 2012 was Jake, and she again found a level of endurance and ability that makes me feel as if I’m hopelessly left behind as she runs this marathon.  Catching but a glimpse of her dust as she carries on in this race.  Carrying the burdens of bottles, therapies, dinners, diapers, discipline, she shows a compassion and a heart that could only be found in a mother.

Amanda, you are amazing.  I’m thankful to God that I have a wife like you, and am ever impressed with you, the mother.

I love you.


All that remains.

So last week we lost our second dog to cancer. My corgi Keenan who’s been with us for 9 years has left us. I’ve not really been able to talk or write about it but my wife has done a good job with it here:

I loved that dog, and am thankful for the time we had with him. He’s been with us a relatively long time.

There is definitely something missing in our home now.