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Category Archives: Geek Stuff

Don’t want to spoil this “internet is beautiful” moment, but this is really neat for a guy like me.

I’ll give you this, the site name is a hint:

  • tri = three
  • div like markup syntax item for defining a division in html (generally used in conjunction with CSS for management/placement)
  • div like D as in dimension
  • tridiv like 3D


This girl…


They have a lot of history. I’m also a pretty big fan of both characters, and enjoy neat wallpapers featuring them when I come across them. However recently I wanted a good high resolution wallpaper of the two; but was yielding little in the way of what I wanted with my google and bing-fu. So I found a series of wallpapers I enjoyed in the past and decided to combine them for this result that I’m now using for my background.

The Green Team

Characters of course are copy written property of DC Comics. I make no claim to the original work, merely the compositing of this fine artwork into something I enjoy on my system.

Have a good one.